Rainy Day Biking
Stock, Commuter & Custom High Visibility Mud Flaps and Reflective Accents for your Bike

Rainy Day Biking focus on bicycle visibility and safety germinated from a group ride of friends in beautiful, albeit, rainy Seattle.  Don and Edie operated a successful commercial sign shop in Seattle which provided the technology for the first product, bicycle mud flaps.  Making them reflective seemed like a natural so we did. About 10 years ago we fabricated a batch for the group and they worked great.  After several years we decided to make them available commercially.  We started a small website and worked the bicycle trade shows in the Northwest.  The response was overwhelming.  We have shipped product all over the world including England, Sweden, Portugal and Canada.  Trade shows have been equally successful.  At the Seattle Bike Expo 3 years ago, we were selling product to other vendors before the doors even opened.

Our interest in providing a product that protected our friends from the road grime on our rainy rides in the NW grew into our passion for bicycle visibility and safety. Our mud flaps provide outstanding rear visibility during the day and especially in low light conditions.  Our research revealed that bicycle crashes with vehicles happen almost half the time from the rear but also frequently from the side and front.  This knowledge led to additional reflective products for the bicycle wheels and frame that illuminate when hit by light, increasing side visibility.  Our products are meant to complement bicycle lights and light colored clothing.

Our interest in bicycle visibility and safety spills over into our blog where we share tips on safe riding in low light conditions and rainy and winter riding conditions.  We share tips on bicycle maintenance and general bicycling news from across the globe as well as our views on bicycling in general.