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Single Short
Single Short
This mudflap is available in all of our stock colors.

Single Short
A 7 1/2" mudflap to give you extra protection on the front fender or an extra long rear fender. This shorter mudflap may work well on some children's bike equipped with fenders.
It comes complete with mounting hardware and instructions. It is available in all of our colors: white or red prismatic, the Highway series, Stealth (black), amber and blue.
When ordering this product please include in the notes section if you would like one of our decals applied to the flap.


RainyDayBiking mud flaps provide highway grade reflectivity on a full coverage mud flap, both front and rear. This front mud flap provides an additional 5 1/2 inches of coverage protecting your feet and drive train from excessive wear or use it on an extra long rear fender where our long mudflap may drag the ground. The highway grade reflective vinyl reflects light from ½ mile away enhancing your visibility and safety.

The mud flap is manufactured from High Density Polyurethane which is lightweight and durable, reflective vinyl that meets Federal highway standards for visibility, and comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and full instructions.

Price: $9.95

Product Code: 691

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Need only one short mud flap? This item has one of our short flaps.