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Commuter Mud Flap with Sharrow logo
Commuter Mud Flap with Sharrow logo


Commuter Mud Flap with Sharrow logo
Front and rear mud flaps with high visibility prismatic reflective surface.

The SHARROW is rapidly becoming the standard pavement marking where bicycles and vehicles need to share (get it?) the road. Help educate the public with our SHARROW mud flap available in both prismatic red and white with a reflective graphic.


RainyDayBiking mud flaps provide highway grade reflectivity on a full coverage mud flap, both front and rear. The front mud flap provides an additional 6 inches of coverage protecting your feet and drive train from excessive wear while the rear mud flap provides an additional 10 inches of visibility and coverage protecting those behind you. The highway grade reflective vinyl reflects light from ½ mile away enhancing your visibility and safety.

The mud flaps are manufactured from High Density Polyurethane which is lightweight and durable, reflective vinyl that meets Federal highway standards for visibility, and come with stainless steel mounting hardware and full instructions.

Price: $22.95

Product Code: 310

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